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Other Medical Uses

Cytolog kit for Idaho Sold as a brand of Misoprostol drug, Cytolog is secondary medicine in pregnancy termination procedure.  Cytolog abortion pill has other medical uses as well, but the dose for those treatments can differ. It can be taken for duodenum or stomach ulcer, softening cervix for inducing labor, treating hemorrhage following delivery of a child, abdomen ulcer due to medicines such as Ibuprofen or aspirin etc.

Safety Measures for Cytolog Pills

  • To use Cytolog, you must not be allergic to the medical abortion pills, free of adrenal gland/heart/liver/kidney disorder, not more than 10 weeks pregnant.
  • When on the treatment, avoid exercising, having heavy meals, smoking, drinking alcohol. Use large sanitary pads for checking on bleeding.
  • Take care of drug interactions. Do not combine Cytolog pills with antacids, antibiotics until advised by doctor, grapefruit juice, and concomitant oxytocic agents.

Cytolog Pills Working

  • Softens and dilates the cervix, and increases uterine contractions. Expels pregnancy from uterus, in process causes heavy bleeding, mild to moderate abdomen pain.
  • Bleeding is heaviest for 3 to 4 hours after using prostaglandins. In 14 days of less, pregnancy is clearly removed from body.
  • For easing cramps and stomach pain, discuss about painkillers with doctor.

Cytolog Dosing

  • One tablet comes at 200mcg strength. You must buy Cytolog online 800mcg i.e. 4 tablets. The drugs can be taken in two ways- buccally or vaginally.
  • In buccal method, place all tablets, 2×2 in the cheek pouches, and let these melt. Following 30 minutes, consume the contents with a sip of water. The effect of abortion is noticed faster in this technique.
  • In vaginal method, insert all tablets in the vagina, and the pregnancy termination will start in few hours, sometimes it may take longer.

Cytolog Pills Side Effects

  • Similar to early miscarriage, the medicine can cause nausea, dizziness, chills, short term fever.
  • Headache, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting is noticed in some cases.
  • All side effects are short-lived and have no implications on health.

Cytolog Abortion Pill Experiences

  • Abdomen pain is normal due to uterine contractions. Bleeding is heavy for initial few hours and days. After termination blood flow will reduce but may last for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • In case of foul vaginal discharge, excessive pain or bleeding, fever lasting for more than day, or other problems, contact nearest pregnancy care clinic.
  • Pregnancy parts removed may seem like large blood clots; embryo may not be always seen.

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    I am very satisfied with the service of this website. the delivery of Cytolog Kit was quick and discreet packing. it was delivered to my mailbox directly. i surely recommend this website for genuine pills.

  2. Natalie

    I ordered cytolog kit in my 8th week of pregnancy. I want to thanks a team of for timely shipping and of course the products are absolutely safe and the guidance was at great care. I ordered 2 packs as I don’t want to take any chance, in case a medication fails.

  3. Leah

    Got to know about this website through a friend. I was eagerly looking for Abortion pills for my girlfriend and her friend recommended them to me. I ordered the pills and they came within 3 days. The pills were delivered in discreet packaging and they were super effective. My girlfriend started her abortion the next day after taking the pills. What a sign of relief it was to get over an unwanted pregnancy. Will surely recommend it as it’s the best pharmacy.

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    I have ordered 4 MTP kit together and they have provided with effective cost and express delivery. Great services. thank you

  5. Lillian

    My birth control failed during my 7th month of post-pregnancy, my younger daughter just 7th month old, so I decided to rectify this accident and me with my husband visited our gynecologist, as I just had c-section 7 months ago she recommended us cytology pill for my abortion in my 6th week. Just for my baby’s sake, I took my pill at the clinic only as I got this pill online here with express delivery as time passed it was heavy cramping started after just 4 hours, as it was so heavy I cried for a couple of hours. But after a day it was bleeding no pain, little clotting was there but reduces as time passes. I have been asked to stop breastfeeding for 2 weeks. That’s the only precaution I took but rest the process was smooth and really thankful as this pills access is available else going through surgery was very tough for new mothers like me.

  6. Ellie

    Our GYN has prescribed misoprostol(Cytolog) to my wife a month ago, I’m a witness so I can better state that no doubt abortion is medical or surgical both ways the thought makes you a little nervous, but our process makes us little comfortable when we finally choose to go for pills yes Milie had observed a quite heavy bleeding even for few hour she had fever too but at last the process cleared after 9-10 hours cramping. We follow the complete guide and the products are really good that she didn’t found any major long term side effects apart from her almost 10 hours pain, cramps and she almost bleed a month. Thank you, pharmacy team, for easy guidance and quality products.

  7. Addison

    I aborted my almost 7-week pregnancy successfully using MTP kit which I bought easily from It causes severe pain for me up to 7-8 days.

  8. Aubrey

    I’m a mother of 6year and when I decided to end my next pregnancy, googled a lot and finally after consulting with Dr. and his prescription I order MTP kit from online pharmacy Best customer support pre-post product delivery

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  11. Valentina

    It’s been 17days since I had my abortion with Cytolog pills and it went well. I was waiting for my follow up appointment to be sure that abortion was successful and now I know that it was.

  12. Kennedy

    Abortion was what I knew I wanted since my pregnancy report came out to be positive. I am not at all ready for a child and being a mother so I terminated the pregnancy with abortion pills.

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